Adaptive presentation of offers

Adaptive presention of job offers is performed by an integrated personalized presentation layer composed of collaborating user modeling tools and adaptive search, evaluation, navigation and presentation tools.

Addressed Problems

Some properties of large open information spaces are their dynamics – new content is added, existing content is removed or modified, and the diversity of their user base. This often results in many irrelevant search results as well as the infamous navigation problem, which occurs when users loose track of their position in hyperspace. Furthermore, a single common user interface is unable to accommodate the specific needs of individual users thus reducing overall user comfort and productivity.


The used personalized presentation layer consists of a set of interconnected tools that perform specific tasks:

figure description

Overview of the architecture of the personalized presentation layer.

Integrated methods

The basis of presentation layer is JobOfferPortal (tool JOP based on Apache Cocoon Portal framework) which aggregates presentation methods - currently Factic and CriteriaSearch.

Each tool can use SemanticLog tool for logging of semantically described user activities and interaction. This log is processed by the LogAnalyzer tool and results in updates of the user model.


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