Cluster Navigator

Providing an integrated view of job offers, which are visualized as network of companies and job positions.

Institution: Slovak University of Technology
Technologies used: java, prefuse, JUNG
Inputs: hierachical clusters
Outputs: visualization of the network clusters
Documentation: HTML, doc, JavaDoc
Video: demonstration video

Addressed Problems

We aim to visulize the data which is represented as a network. Visualization as a network helps the user in better navigation in bigger amount of data.


The tool consists of a server and a client part. The server generates the part of the network and serves it as a graphml file for the client. The client visualizes the retrieved graphml file.

Process of job clusters discovering.

Process of job clusters discovering.

In the server we used the JUNG library, which is capable of generating graphml output. The server retrieves the ID of the cluster to be visualized from the client. The user can further click on a subcluster of the retrieved network or can choose to go upward in the cluster hierarchy. In this case the server retrieves different signal and replies with a graphml file describing network on a higher level.

Clusternavigator screenshot

Visualization of the network


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