Integration Technology (library ITG-technology)

Library (API) for integration and other purposes for tools.

Institution: Softec, Ltd.
Technologies used: Java, Cocoon, Spring, log4j
Inputs: ---
Outputs: ---
Documentation: HTML, doc, JavaDoc
Distribution packages: zip

Addressed Problems

Tools being created in project NAZOU are developed mainly individually and their creation is focused on developing and experimenting with methods for processing of information from heterogeneous sources. The tools require to be easily connected with their environment so that development of the methods is not diminished.

Corporate memory provides appropriate means for tools' integration on the data level. In order to fully support convenient development of tools there is a need to simplify communication also on other levels, mainly communication between tools, communication with the application environment, and communication with user.


Integration technology (ITG-technology) is a library supporting communication of tools in the above-mentioned levels and provides some other common functionality.

As a web application technology the Cocoon environment was chosen in the project NAZOU. ITG-technology extends Cocoon so that an easy way of communication with user and application environment is possible in tools.

ITG-technology serves for the following aims:

ITG-technology contains also a testing environment for tools.

In general, ITG-technology is usable in the following ways:


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