JOE - Job Offer Editor

Distributed manual annotation of texts containing job offers.

Institution: Slovak University of Technology
Technologies used: Java + SWING, Sesame 1.2.5 + SeRQL
Inputs: Plain text
Outputs: Annotated text stored in a ontological repository or in a file
Documentation: HTML, doc, JavaDoc
Distribution packages: zip

Addressed Problems

Nowadays, tools available for manual information annotation do not scale well. The domain ontology shared among all the tools has to be filled with some data initially for testing purposes. Later on minor changes to the content of the ontology could be done manually with a tool specifically designed for that ontology.


Job Offer Editor (JOE) is a tool for manual information annotation. It allows entering and editing data in a domain ontology located on a remote Sesame repository in a distributed manner. However, JOE is explicitly bound to one version of the domain ontology and is not susceptible to ontology changes. The issues which can arise from the distributed manner of operation are reported to the user but not automatically resolved.

A job offer is represented as one RDF graph. This principle allows for working with smaller logically independent subgraphs of the job offer graph separately (e.g. organizations can be entered independently from job offers). Using JOE, a high quality data are created. This is ensured by a validation mechanism which checks the filled data before updating to ontological repository.

The user interface of JOE

The user interface of JOE