Ontological Interface to Corporate Memory (library OntoCM)

Library (API) for accessing and manipulating ontology data for tools.

Institution: Softec, Ltd.
Technologies used: Java, Sesame
Inputs: ---
Outputs: ---
Documentation: HTML, doc, JavaDoc
Distribution packages: zip

Addressed Problems

Several tools in project NAZOU need to work with data stored in ontological repositories. In order to unify their access to ontological data a layer (OntoCM) was built. The layer provides access to the data and methods to add, query and modify the data. It is easy to use and makes its implementation transparent for all tools using it.


OntoCM library implements the layer and provides methods for other tools to initialize (or to connect to) a repository and to add, extract and modify information stored in it.

OntoCM layer

The role of OntoCM in the system architecture.

OntoCM library is a set of Java interfaces and classes which allows access to a repository. The classes currently implement the interfaces for Sesame repository. The library has been designed to be independent of the concrete ontology implementation. That means it could be extended to serve as an interface to other ontology implementations (e.g. Jena) in the future.

OntoCM includes interfaces and classes for:


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