A framework for presentation of ontology-based information.

Institution: Slovak University of Technology
Technologies used: Java, Sesame, Cocoon
Inputs: JobOffer ontology, Fresnel ontology,
user input (selecting a class and the class instance from JobOffer ontology, a lens instance from Fresnel ontology)
Outputs: List of instances from JobOffer ontology in a user-friendly form suitable for presentation
Documentation: HTML, doc
Distribution packages: zip

Addressed Problems

Each RDF model visualization method currently relies on its own ad hoc mechanisms and vocabularies for specifying what information should be presented and how this information should be presented. This makes it almost impossible to share RDF presentation knowledge across applications. The method solves the aforementioned issues by supporting browser-independent Fresnel vocabulary.


The framework being developed (codenamed "Prescott") represents a method that serves for the presentation of ontology-based information. At present, the purpose of this method is the presentation of job offers that are primarily represented by an ontology (RDFS, OWL). However, the proposed architecture, which is based on the architectural style "pipes and filters", is also suitable for the presentation of job offers that are described by XML and then transformed by XSL templates.

The current version of the framework offers the user to take advantage of such features as:

An example of filter chaining definition.

An example of filter chaining definition.


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