Tool for Relational Data to Ontology Individuals Mapping (RDB2Onto tool)

Tool creates empty individuals in ontology from relational datas

Institution: Institute of Informatics
Technologies used: Java, Sesame, MySql
Inputs: Relational database data (Sql query), Ontology template
Outputs: Empty ontology individual created from relational database data
Documentation: HTML, doc, JavaDoc
Distribution packages: zip

Addressed Problems

Building ontology based information systems, it is frequently necessary to convert or replicate data from existing information systems such as databases to the ontology based information systems, if the ontology based systems want to work with real data. Usually data in existing information systems are stored in a Relational Database.


RDB2Onto tool converts selected data from a relational database to a RDF/OWL ontology document based on a defined template and sql query. Such filled in templates can be then stored to the ontology-based knowledge memory.

RDB2Onto Architecture


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