Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice

Institute of Computer Science

Institute of Computer Science is one of six institutes if the Faculty of Natural Science of P. J. Safarik University in Kosice.

The main mission of the Institute of Computer Science is provide teaching and research in the area of Computer Science. Teaching in bachelor, master and PhD programme is based on an acreditation (aproval) of Ministry of education of Slovak republic. In specialisation (and especialy in Master and PhD thesis) it focuses in one of four areas: Theoretical Computer Science, Neural Network, security protocols and knowledge systems. Research is concentrated on projects supported by Slovak Grant agency VEGA, european program COST and an IT project of Ministry of education.

From running project we mention

The last project is based on seminar KLUD-Knowledge, Logic, Uncertainty and Data which is the part of institute participating in this IT project mainly developping models and tools providing grading/scoring on relevance in both inductive and deductive parts of the system.