Method for User Preferences Acquisition (tool UPreA)

Finds initial user preference in form of fuzzy sets and aggregation function.

Institution: Pavol Jozef Šafárik University
Technologies used: Java, Sesame
Inputs: Domain ontology, User Ontology, user inputs
Outputs: User preferences (fuzzy sets)
Documentation: HTML, doc, JavaDoc
Distribution packages: zip

Addressed Problems

Methods for finding best objects usually use some representation of user preferences. They can be represented as sets (or intervals) of prefered attribute values. Instead of classical crisp sets, we use fuzzy sets with membership function range [0,1].

The problem is how to acquire user preferences effectively and correctly. If we let user explain his preferences in detail, it may be boring and uninteresting. On the other hand, if we ask just a few questions, we get only vague idea what his preferences might be. This problem is adresses by UPreA tool. It provides user with initial fuzzy sets which can be used in the process of finding suitable job offers and further modified.


We consider three different approaches to acquire user preferences.

Acquired fuzzy sets and weights are provided to other tools. IGAP and Top-k tools recently use them in our integrated chain.


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