Package sk.softec.nazou.cs.wrapper

Provides wrapper for Criteria search tool and auxiliary classes.


Class Summary
CSCriteriaDefinition Generates criteria description and stores it into an XML file.
CSDisplaySearchResults The Criteria Search implementation of a Factic interface IDisplaySearchResults.
CSInterfaceBuilder CS wrapper's implementation of IInterfaceBuilder.
CSPage A simple implementation of the IPage interface.
CSWrapper Wrapper class for Criteria search (CS) tool.
JobOffer This class is a representation of a job offer and its attributes that are being supported by our application.
Offer This class represents an abstract class that defines a generic offer.
SearchCriteriaSubmit This class submits user's search criteria by using the SemanticLog tool which stores these into a database for further processing and retrieval.
ToolResults This class serves as a tool for displaying search output.

Package sk.softec.nazou.cs.wrapper Description

Provides wrapper for Criteria search tool and auxiliary classes.

Instantiate the CSWrapper class and use its public members for some part of functionality of Criteria search tool in the context of information domain (job offers).