A              JOE – Job Offer Editor

A.1          Basic Information

To evaluate methods developed in the context of the research project NAZOU, it was necessary to create a sufficiently large and qualitatively satisfying ontological base fulfilled with instances of job offers. Due instability and generality the existing ontology editors are not suitable for creation of a large number of individuals. Hence, it was necessary to find a way to effectively construct a lot job offer instances of high quality. For this a single purpose, domain tailored job offer editor called JOE was developed.

A.1.1      Basic Terms

No special terms are used.

A.1.2      Method Description

JOE is a ad hoc tool for manual fulfilling of the domain ontology with new instances of job offers or only parts of a job offer (for example organizations, locations). The main benefits of JOE are the direct work with a remote repository and a specialization to the concrete ontology. This brings more sophisticated validation of the input data, higher efficiency and speed of instance creation.

JOE transforms the data filled in its forms and stores them in the ontological repository. There is no need to enter the meta-data about this information. The user only enters the data about the job offer in the corresponding fields and the application takes care about storing them as a new job offer instance. Before the filled data can be stored in the repository, its processing is required. This includes:

If the validation does not find any inconsistencies, the filled data are transformed to RDF graph which is stored into the ontological repository.

A.1.3      Scenarios of Use

JOE is primarily intended to be used as an editor of job offers. However, it can be used also to edit other instances which are related with the job offers separately.

A.1.4      External Links and Publications

§  Bartalos, P., Malečka, J.: Building ontological test base using specialized ontology editor. In: Tools for Acguisition, Organisation and Presenting of Information and Knowledge : Research Project Workshop Bystrá dolina, Nízke Tatry, Slovakia, September 29-30, 2006, Proceedings. - Bratislava : STU, 2006. - ISBN 80-227-2468-8.

A.2          Integration Manual

JOE is a stand-alone Java application and is not intended to be integrated with other tools.

A.2.1      Dependencies

JOE uses:

§  Java 5

§  Sesame 1.2.5

A.2.2      Installation

JOE does not require any installation.

A.2.3      Configuration

JOE requires configuring the sesame repository. The sesame.properties file contains the following values:

§  repositoryURL the URL where the repository is running

§  repositoryID − ID of the repository

§  username − the name of the user which is used to access the repository

§  password − the password of the user which is used to access the repository

A.2.4      User Guide

When the application starts up, data from the remote repository are loaded. This may take few minutes depending on the connection and amount of data loaded. The main window of JOE is divided into four main parts (Figure 1):

JOE has an intuitive user interface and its usage does not require any special knowledge.

Figure 1. Main window of JOE.

A.3          Developer Manual

A.3.1      Tool Structure

The implementation of JOE is divided into four packages:

·          nazou.support.joe.graphModel: classes representing RDF graphs of the ontological concepts.

·          nazou.support.joe.repository: classes responsible for the connection and communication with the sesame repository.

·          nazou.support.joe.runtimeutil: classes performing the logic of the application.

·          nazou.support.joe.visual: classes representing the user interface.

A.3.2      Method Implementation

JOE is written in Java programming language version 5. It uses the SWING library for implementation of the user interface. To work with the ontological repository the Sesame API libraries are used.

A.3.3      Enhancements and Optimizing

JOE is a single purpose application and no enhancements are expected.

A.4          Manual for Adaptation to Other Domains

JOE is a tool tailored to a job offer domain (concretely to the job offer ontology developed in project NAZOU). Hence, it is naturally not intended to be adaptable to other domains.