About project NAZOU

The main objective of this research and development project is to design and verify by pilot applications new ways of information and knowledge processing in heterogeneous environment, in particular acquisition, representation, organization and maintenance of actual knowledge, and to develop tools for supporting new model of heterogeneous environment.

The research is directed to these actual areas:

The results of this research are verified by pilot applications in the information domain of job offers. This allows us to handle with the information about job market much more effectively: in searching for new job positions, in mediating services connected with employment, or in selecting an applicant for a job for various job positions.

In the domain of heterogeneous environment design, our goal was to identify primary sources for information and knowledge acquisition in heterogeneous environment of Internet, and models and structures which will be used in data processing. Models, which have been designed, should be verified by using prototypes of selected tools for information and knowledge acquisition and organization.

The aim of the design of knowledge presentation methods is to investigate and further elaborate effective information and knowledge presentation in various ways with respect to the domain of job offers.

The main outcome of the project is the design and experimental realization of the tools for information and knowledge processing within the domain of job offers. The tools operate with data that can be seen in the sequence